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Flawless YouTube Translation

January 18, 2017

By Ofer Tirosh

Video translation is set to be big business in 2017, and YouTube translation particularly so. Companies of all shapes and sizes are beginning to realise the potential benefits that sharing their video content in other languages can bring. This includes not just increasing their revenue through reaching out to new customers, but also raising awareness of their brand and making new connections with the suppliers and producers of the goods they need around the world. 

A recent Tomedes client was looking for an English to Indonesian YouTube video translation to raise awareness of his company in Indonesia. His research had shown him that there was potentially a large customer base for his products in Indonesia. As such, he decided to undertake some translations of his promotional materials, starting with YouTube videos demonstrating his products. 

Indonesian – also known as Bahasa Indonesia and sometimes just Bahasa – has around 200 million speakers worldwide. Here at Tomedes we have professional human translators who are highly skilled at translating into Indonesian, and at translating Indonesian into other languages. We rely on human translators as part of our business model – machine translation can’t yet achieve the finesse that humans can when they translate. 

For this client, we turned to one of our leading Indonesian video content translators. He worked quickly and diligently on the client’s YouTube video, translating it into flawless Indonesian in line with the client’s urgent deadline (we can provide rush translation services for a wide range of documents and other content – just ask the Tomedes team!). 

The client was delighted both with the cost of the service and with the quality of the resulting translation. He was also impressed with the speed at which the job was completed and is already considering which of his other promotional videos to translate next. 

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