English to Hebrew real estate translation

Recently, Tomedes worked with a client who needed English to Hebrew translation in relation to a real estate purchase.

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English to Hebrew real estate translation

April 01, 2018

Nothing should mar the excitement of buying a new home, no matter which language you choose to do it in! Unfortunately, language barriers can make buying a property more stressful when it comes to overseas real estate. However, the Tomedes professional translation service is here to help! 

Recently, Tomedes worked with a client who needed English to Hebrew translation in relation to a real estate purchase. We translated his documents so that he was certain what he was signing up to at every stage of the process. 

Buying a house involves plenty of paperwork. From surveys to mortgage offers, there are important documents that can have significant financial implications at every stage of the process. As such, it’s essential that the buyer has a thorough understanding of your contents. Undertaking such a commitment in a second language – and particularly one that you’ve only just started learning – can be a daunting prospect indeed. 

This is why the client was so keen for his real estate translation to go ahead. He wanted to read the fine print in his native Hebrew, to ensure that he understood the property purchase every step of the way. 

As buying a house isn’t always a quick process, there were often breaks in between the translation of the various documents. However, Tomedes ensured that the same English to Hebrew translator worked on each document, providing the client with ongoing access to her real estate translation expertise and with continuity of support as he progressed with buying his new home. 

The client was delighted at how our professional translation service helped to ease the process for him. Although the purchase is not quite finalised, he is confident that he has the support in place to proceed with buying the house he wants. Another translation success!

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