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To work in another country, it is essential that your CV includes relevant skills and experience and is well written in the country's native language

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English to Hebrew CV translation

October 11, 2015

First impressions count for a lot and in the corporate world those first impressions are often made in writing – via your CV. 

If you are planning to live and work in another country, it is essential that your CV is not just up to date with relevant skills and career experience, but also well written in that country’s native language. Many of those who speak a second language cannot write it quite as well as they speak it and this can hamper their prospects of finding their dream job. 

This is where Tomedes can help. We have vast experience of translating CVs into all manner of languages. Most recently, we helped a young entrepreneur to translate her CV from English to Hebrew, so that she could pursue her dream career in Israel’s hugely successful technology sector. 

The young woman was looking for a new challenge and had the technical expertise required to do the job she was applying for. Although she could speak Hebrew well, her grammar skills sometimes let her down. Tomedes was delighted to help. We translated her CV so that she had a word-perfect document with which to introduce herself to the employer. 

The young lady was confident that once she could meet face to face with the employer her knowledge and experience would outweigh any linguistic barriers that she had. And with Tomedes’ help this was precisely what happened – she was invited to interview based on the strength of her CV and the company was extremely impressed when they met with her. 

The client’s experience demonstrates the importance of having a perfectly translated CV if you plan to work in a country where you don’t quite speak the language fluently. Don’t take any chances with clumsy phrases and poor grammar – let Tomedes know which language you need and we will translate your CV today for a great price.

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