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A recent Tomedes client needed his resumed translated. The French translation would allow him to apply for jobs in France.

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English to French resume translation

November 07, 2018

Moving overseas usually involves plenty of paperwork, particularly if you plan to work as well as live in your new country. During the early stages of settling in to your new home, it’s possible that learning the language fluently isn’t top of the priority list. As such, a translation service can come in very handy, providing everything from personal document translation (such as birth and marriage certificates) to financial translation of bank statements. 

For a recent Tomedes client, it was his resume that he needed translated as the top priority. He was applying for jobs online prior to moving to France, so needed a French translation of his CV in order to impress potential employers. His verbal language skills were already ahead of his written abilities, so having a word-perfect resume would give him the chance to engage with employers initially, before impressing them at the interview stage of the process. 

Tomedes has a network of translators around the world, so we were quickly able to find a French translator for this client’s resume. She got to work straight away, translating his CV into flawless French and even letting him know about a typo she spotted in the English version. 

The client was pleased to receive such an attentive service, particularly given the fast turnaround time for his resume translation. He also appreciated the excellent value for money that the Tomedes service provided. It meant he was able to crack on with hunting for jobs in France with minimal delay and at very little cost – precisely what he was looking for. 

If translation could make your life easier, it’s time to speak to Tomedes. Whether you have personal papers that need translating or are a business client looking for particular translation expertise, Tomedes can help. You can call, email or live chat with us for further details. 

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