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A regular client recently approached Tomedes regarding a complex IT translation from English to French.

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Professional IT Translation

October 30, 2016

A regular client recently approached Tomedes regarding a complex IT translation from English to French. Her company operated in both England and France and was planning to replace a number of the French branch’s computer systems with English ones. As this involved some bespoke software, she wanted to ensure that the rollout of the new system went smoothly. That meant translating both the software and the accompanying user guide from English to flawless French. 

We were delighted to be able to help. IT translation is one of Tomedes’ specialist translation services and we have a network of professional translators around the world who are able to tackle detailed technical translations at short notice. In fact, with 5,000 translation professionals in our network, we are able to offer a 24/7 translation service for all manner of technical documents.

Using human translators for this kind of job is important as it ensures a better quality of translation than machines are currently able to produce. For any professional purpose, human translation is the only option if potentially costly mistakes (in terms of both money and reputation) are to be avoided. 

This client was well aware of the need for accuracy – it was why she came to Tomedes for her professional translation rather than attempting to put something together using machine translation. She knew that a small investment in translation at the start of the job would be far better than attempting to use a clumsy free translation, which would interfere with her software rollout plan and end up costing her far more in staff time later down the line.

Professional IT translation of this nature is a skilled business and we were proud to be able to provide the client with a top quality translation that meant she could focus on delivering her company’s goals. 

For all of your business translation needs, no matter how specialist, speak to Tomedes today.  

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