English to Finnish company manual translation

A recent client needed a company manual translation from English to Finnish in order to bring his new Finnish staff team up to speed.

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Professional Finnish Translation

October 18, 2017

Companies that employ staff in multiple countries often use professional services such as those of our translation company to assist in the management of their staff teams. In order to achieve consistency of service delivery, a raft of company policies and procedures need to be made available in staff teams’ local languages. That’s where Tomedes comes in. 

A recent client needed a company manual translation from English to Finnish in order to bring his new Finnish staff team up to speed and ensure that operations in Finland ran along the same lines as those in the other countries where his company operated. We were happy to be able to provide the assistance he required. 

Finnish translation is part of a wide range of language pairings that Tomedes offers for clients based around the world. For this client, we provided one of our experienced corporate translators. She worked systematically through each of the policies and procedures contained within the company manual, producing a flawless Finnish translation from the original English version. 

At the client’s request, each policy document was emailed to him once completed, so that he could build up the Finnish version of his company manual piece by piece. The translator also produced a dual language contents list for the manual, again at the request of the client. This didn’t exist for the English version, but the client felt it would be useful in helping him to avoid and confusion between which Finnish policy document related to which English policy document in future. 

The client was delighted with the result. The combination of flawless quality and a great translation price was precisely what he had been looking for and ensured that he was able to introduce consistency across his business. 

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