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Tomedes recently helped a client to present his company to a new audience by translating his website from English to Danish.

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English to Danish website translation

February 03, 2016

In this modern day and age, websites are an important tool in presenting a company to the world. This is particularly true of the leisure and tourism industry, where a well-worded website can make the difference between getting new clients or losing them to your competitors. 

Tomedes recently helped a client to present his company to a new audience by translating his website from English to Danish. The client had approached us via our website chat service, as he had a couple of queries regarding the translation of his site. We were on hand to respond instantly to his questions and he then used the instant quote function on our website. Satisfied with our excellent value for money and great customer service, he instructed us to proceed with his English to Danish website translation. 

We always use professional human translators for our translations, and this client was no exception. Machine translation doesn’t yet provide the quality of translation that is required by businesses, particularly for customer-facing elements like websites and brochures. Therefore, we turned to our leading Danish translator for assistance. 

Based in Copenhagen and with many years of translation experience, our Danish translator was able to start work on the client’s website immediately. His fast and efficient translation skills meant that he was able to translate the entire site in less then 10 days, in plenty of time for the client’s deadline. 

The client was delighted by his experience of Tomedes. His Danish website translation was word-perfect and is already enabling him to reach out to a whole new country’s worth of customers. 

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