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Tomedes' manual translation service came to the aid of a client who needed a Danish translation of his business manual.

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English to Danish business manual translation

June 12, 2019

The way a business documents its operations can often be key to its long-term success. With the global economic outlook slowing considerably according to the International Monetary Fund’s April 2019 report, it’s essential that businesses do all they can to ensure their continuing relevance and viability. As such, business manuals that guide staff on everything from policy compliance to how to carry out certain processes can be particularly important. 

Professional English to Danish translation

For companies that operate across international borders and employ staff teams who speak different languages, business manuals – and their translations – can take on an even weightier significance. Standardising procedures in one country can be tough; doing so across multiple locations in different countries is even more so. Thankfully, Tomedes’ manual translation service came to the aid of a client faced with just such a situation. 

The client needed a translation from English to Danish and he needed it fast. Our Danish translation team were on hand to assist immediately. 

Manual translation for business clients

With a wide range of expertise and experience, our Danish translators are able to handle everything from medical translations to legal documents. In this case, our leading Danish business translator turned her attention to the client’s company manual, working quickly and efficiently through it and liaising as required with the client where queries arose. 

Fast delivery to meet global business needs

The client was delighted with the pace of the work, particularly given his short deadline. Fast delivery is an area that Tomedes specialises in and we work with each client to ensure that their translation timescales are met, regardless of the length, language or complexity of the files in question. 

In the case of this client, he needed to roll out the updated version of his manual to staff teams in England and Denmark at the same time in order to ensure that new policy requirements bedded down quickly in both countries. The Tomedes team was delighted to be able to support him to achieve this. The client, meanwhile, was happy with everything from the quality and speed of the translation to the price. Another successful translation project for all concerned. 

Meeting your everyday translation needs 

Tomedes is available to help clients around the world achieve their translation goals. Whatever you need translated, contact our professional team today to find out how we can help. We think you’ll be very glad you did! 

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