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A recent client used our Croatian translation service in order to further his international business interests.

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English to Croatian business email translation

February 06, 2019

Money may make the world go round, but translation plays a pretty key role in doing so as well! Tomedes undertakes business translation work for clients all over the globe, ranging from financial translation to packaging translation, all with the goal of helping companies to engage in cross-border trade. Most recently, a client used our Croatian translation service in order to further his international business interests. 

The client approached Tomedes via the live chat function on our website, which gives potential clients the option to receive instant answers to any translation-related queries that they may have. After discussing his needs (business email translation from English to Croatian), he engaged Tomedes to go ahead and undertake the work. 

We turned to our leading Croatian business translator to tackle this job. Based in Dubrovnik, she has extensive experience of translating corporate documents from English. She got to work right away on this client’s emails, as he was in a hurry to pursue his business goals and needed the emails translated in order to do so. 

Our Croatian translator completed the work quickly and accurately, furnishing the client with a complete set of translated emails, which were ready to be sent on to his connections in Croatia. 

The client was impressed by both the speed and the accuracy of the Tomedes translation service. He was also more than pleased with the value for money that our service provides. He is now using the translated emails to engage with his Croatian business contacts. 

For all of your translation needs, whether business or personal, Tomedes is here to help. Our highly skilled translators cover a vast range of language pairings and work across a diverse range of subjects, bringing linguistic skills and unique expertise to each and every project. To find out more, contact the Tomedes team today

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