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A Tomedes client required the translation and recording of her YouTube video's English voiceovers into Chinese.

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English to Chinese voiceover translation

April 13, 2016

Translation is now always a paper-based exercise. It can also include the translation of audio files and the recording of voiceovers in other languages. This was demonstrated recently by a Tomedes client who required the translation and recording of her English voiceovers into Chinese. 

The job related to her YouTube video, which she wanted to share more widely. Having it available with only English voice overs limited her audience and she had designs on reaching out worldwide. Her plan was therefore to translate the video’s voiceovers into the world’s most spoken language – Chinese. 

Tomedes was delighted to be able to help. We can provide audio and video translation for projects of any size, as well as subtitle translations to accompany the voiceover recordings. 

For this client, we turned first to our leading Chinese translator, who made quick work of translating the audio recording from English to Chinese. We then used a professional Chinese voiceover artist to record the Chinese version for the client. 

She was surprised by how quickly Tomedes completed the work and pleased by the professional sound of the Chinese recording. She has already married it to her video and made the Chinese version available online, in addition to the English version. She is currently awaiting the results of this work to understand the impact that the translation has had. All being well, she then plans to add a Spanish version of the video, reaching out methodically to speakers of the world’s second largest language. 

Whether you have a simple business letter that needs translating or a more complex requirement, Tomedes is here to help. We can translate documents and files of all shapes and sizes, so feel free to get in touch to discuss your translation requirements, whatever they may be. You can call or email us today, or chat with us online via our website. 

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