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Our most recent English to Chinese translation request came from a business client who needed some financial documents translated from English to Mandarin.

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English to Chinese financial translation

May 15, 2019

English and Chinese are very different languages, with significant fundamental differences. English uses an alphabet, combining different letters to form words. Chinese, on the other hand, uses a logographic script, with symbols representing entire words rather than letters. As a tonal language, Chinese uses pitch to alter the meanings of words. In English, changes in pitch tend to express emotion rather than meaning. English uses articles; Chinese doesn’t. The list goes on and on, meaning that it can be very hard for English speakers to learn Chinese – and vice versa. 

Professional Chinese translation 

Thankfully, with companies such as Tomedes providing accurate Chinese translation services, English-speakers who need to converse in Chinese need not despair. We cover a huge range of Chinese translation needs, from websites to legal paperwork to apps. 

Our Chinese translators can cover Mandarin, Cantonese and a range of other Chinese dialects. We always seek to use native speakers of the dialect in question in order to deliver the best possible quality translation, along with focused ancillary services such as localization. 

Financial translation services for business clients 

Our most recent English to Chinese translation request came from a business client who needed some financial documents translated from English to Mandarin. Given the sensitivity of the content and the urgency of the request, we got to work straight away, using our leading financial translation expert. His experience spans many years and both his language and his financial skills are top notch – the ideal combination for producing accurate financial translations to tight timescales. 

Our translator worked carefully through the client’s financial documents, raising one or two queries with the client along the way for clarification. The client responded quickly to each query, which meant that the translation could progress without delay. 

Quality translations – guaranteed

The client was delighted with the quality of her translation, as well as with the excellent value for money that our service provided. Quality is of the utmost importance to Tomedes and we have systems in place to ensure that each client’s document is translated accurately and in line with their requirements. We even go so far as to offer a one-year guarantee with every translation that we produce, giving our clients the ultimate peace of mind. 

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If you would like to try out the Tomedes service for yourself, simply email us the document you need translated and we’ll get back to you with a quote. You can also use the instant quote function on our website, or chat with our team over the phone or via live chat. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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