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A client with an English marketing brochure asked us to translate the document into Chinese and provide it in the same format as her original brochure

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English to Chinese marketing brochure translation with desktop publishing

January 03, 2016

Sometimes translation on its own just isn’t enough. We are often asked if we can produce translated documents that are not just text-based, but that actually mirror the layout of the files provided to us. 

Naturally, we like to be able to meet all translation requests, so we have a fantastic desktop publishing team on hand to produce brochures, adverts, leaflets and more in just the same format as our clients’ original documents. 

A client with an English marketing brochure recently found this out for herself, when she asked us to translate the document into Chinese and provide it in the same format as her original brochure. We immediately jumped at the challenge and set our best Chinese translator, based in Tianjin, to work. 

At Tomedes we believe in using native translators for the target language wherever possible. Doing so enables us to produce more accurate translations that we are proud to put our name to. In fact, we are so confident in our work that we offer a one year guarantee for each and every document that we translate. 

Our English to Chinese translator worked alongside our desktop publishing team to produce this marketing brochure in time for the event at which the client intended to use it. The final product was an expertly crafted Chinese version of the original English brochure and the client was thrilled with how good her Chinese marketing brochure looked. The professional finish and accurate language were precisely what were required in order for her to attract new clients at her forthcoming event. 

For all your marketing and other translation needs, contact Tomedes today. We have a global network of translators available to assist you, so just let us know what it is that you require. We think you’ll not only be impressed with the quality of our translations, but also with our excellent rates. 

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