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We called on our leading Arabic translator when a client wanted an English to Arabic translation of his educational documents.

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Flawless Arabic Translation

February 08, 2017

It is essential when translating papers used for education to ensure that the translation is absolutely perfect. Any errors could lead to mistakes and misunderstandings being passed on to all those being educated or taking part in educational research activities. That’s why accurate translation is of the utmost importance to the Tomedes team. We work hard to select only the very best translators in order to provide our professional translation service

When it comes to English to Arabic translators, that means locating and maintaining a network of top notch linguists who are able to provide quality translations to our clients. We called on the services of just such an individual recently, when a client wanted an English to Arabic translation of his educational documents. 

Our leading Arabic translator based in the United Arab Emirates undertook the work. Available to start immediately, he was experienced at translating educational papers from primary school level up to university level, so we knew that he was the perfect translator for the job. He worked diligently and rapidly to complete the client’s translation in line with his deadline. 

Tomedes is committed to only ever using human translators for the work that we undertake. Their skill and attention to detail surpasses that of machines when it comes to complex sentences, idioms and much more. Machines just aren’t able to apply the same level of finesse. 

This client certainly appreciated the human touch. His educational translation was flawless and he was thrilled to receive it two days before his deadline. He was also most impressed with the cost of our professional translation service. We look forward to working with him on other translations in the near future. 

To discuss your translation needs, contact the Tomedes team today. We have professional linguists on standby, ready to provide you with accurate translation in a timely fashion. 

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