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Foreign direct investment creates links between economies and professional translation supports this process, as a recent Tomedes client discovered

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English to Arabic business document translation

July 13, 2016

Competing with other companies is a hard task and doing so in a language you don’t speak fluently is even harder. Yet for many companies, competing around the globe is a reality that they need to embrace in order to stay ahead of the competition and maximise their profits. 

Foreign direct investment creates links between economies that enhance long-lasting global stability and professional translation is able to support this process, as a recent Tomedes client was pleased to discover. His company was seeking to compete for the supply of goods to a number of regions in the Middle East, but his native language was English. While he spoke some Arabic, his linguistic abilities were not sufficient to write the slick business proposal that he needed in order to compete effectively. 

Business translation of this nature is a core component of the translation service that Tomedes offers, so we were pleased to be able to at once help out this client. We paired his job with one of our leading Arabic business translators who was immediately available to start work on the proposal. 

Over the course of the following several days, our Arabic translator worked diligently through the detailed business proposal and turned it into flawless, professional Arabic. Her knowledge of the Arabic corporate world was invaluable in ensuring that the presentation had the right tone and flow in order to compete with Arabic-speaking companies. 

Tomedes also typeset the document as part of our desktop publishing service, so that the Arabic version that was sent to the client was laid out precisely as the original English version had been. 

The client was delighted with the result. His document looked professional in all respects and he was able to put forward his proposal with the confidence that his company would stand just as good a chance of getting the contract as any of his competitors’ organisations. 

For business translation needs from large to small, get in touch with Tomedes to find out how we can support your company to move to the next level through the power of professional translation. 

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