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English to Arabic Business Presentation Translation

December 09, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

A client who wished to make a business presentation to an international audience asked Tomedes to assist in the translation of her presentation. She required the completed translation later that same week, and Tomedes’ reputation for quick delivery and competitive pricing led her to get in touch with Jim, an account manager at Tomedes.

Jim took time to analyze the presentation and returned the completed quotation to the client as soon as possible. After getting the client’s go-ahead, Hasib, Tomedes’ leading, native-speaking Arabic translator, was chosen to work on the presentation. 

Hasib scrutinized each point in the presentation, making sure that the best Arabic word was chosen to translate its English equivalent. Hasib’s translation experience and native-speaking ability ensured that he was adept at localizing the presentation accurately, having considered each word’s semantic range and the context of the presentation. Machine-based translation isn’t able to match this level of human expertise, and the end product resulted in a natural sounding presentation that would have been impossible to identify as a translation without prior knowledge.

The client received the presentation back in ample time, and later commented that she was thanked by her Arabic listeners for providing an excellent version of her presentation in their own language.

The client thanked Tomedes for the quality of Hasib’s translation and the friendly service she received from Jim, and she mentioned that she would get in touch again if she were ever asked to give another presentation to an international audience!

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