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Diploma translation and professional license translation are imperative for transferring to a university or for professional relocation in the U.S., Canada or even the UK.

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Diploma Translation and Professional License Translation

April 30, 2010

Diploma Translation for Study Abroad

For those studying at a university abroad, diploma translation into the target language of your university is required for most. In addition to that, it is more than just the text of the diploma that often needs to be translated. For example, recently a student required Czech to English diploma translation to study abroad at a university in Seattle, Washington. The Czech diploma translation required not only the diploma text, but also watermarks, seals, and stamps, because those seals and stamps verify the diploma's authenticity.

Translation of a diploma is a fairly simple process, whether you need Czech diploma translation, Greek diploma translation, Italian diploma translation or any other language. However, most professional translation companies still charge outrageous rates that are out of price range for students. Fortunately for college and university students, Tomedes may be your only option for affordable diploma translation. To get a free quote on any diploma translation or professional license translation, simply send us a copy of your document using the menu on the left, or input the number of words. You'll receive an instant estimate of total translation costs as well as our low translation rates – ones that are extremely affordable, even for college students and new professionals.

Professional License Translation for Relocation and Employment

For professionals that are relocating to create a new career path, or for better opportunities in their line of work, we offer affordable professional license translation. Whether you need psychology license translation, medical license translation, accounting certification translation, or any other kind of professional certification or license to be translated, they too are required to have any and all seals and stamps kept in the same format and translated precisely. We have translators available in every language to translate professional certificates, licenses, and other professional documents, while also keeping the original format. Whether you need a pharmacist license translation to practice in a small town in West Virginia or a doctors license translation for a large hospital in New York, the translation requirements are the same. Why pay twice as much for a teacher certification translation to Spanish, or a Russian to English diploma translation, when the translation requirements are the same, regardless which professional translation company you use? Tomedes offers the same quality diploma and certificate translations, meticulous accuracy, and fast delivery, for less than half the translation costs of any other professional translation service.

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