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We provided mobile carrier subscription manual translation from Danish to English for one of our clients.

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Danish to English Translation of Mobile Contract

May 13, 2011

Mobile Service Contract Translation

Mobile phone user guides, software apps, subscription documents and many other documents surrounding the mobile phone industry have exponentially grown in the number of translation service requests we receive. Last year we had a dozen or so, and so far this year we've had multiple dozen requests for mobile service document translation, mobile app translation, mobile software translation, and much more. This time in particular a client of ours asked us to provide Danish to English translation of a contract revolving around member subscription and terms of service. The Danish to English translation of this contract was submitted for a very well-known high profile mobile carrier, and we were happy to provide contract translation service for them.

Business translation service comes in many forms. They can be user or customer contracts, product user guides, product manual translation, or any other number of documents that accompany any kind of tool or product that is mass marketed by that company. To receive a detailed estimate for any kind of contract or business translation, email us at, and one of our linguistic project managers will get back to you shortly. If you want an immediate quote, feel free to use the menu on the left to upload your documents and select your languages, and you'll have an instant quote in seconds for our translation company.

Localized Technical Translation of Technology and Mobile Industries

The mobile subscription document submitted to us for Danish to English translation was in spreadsheet format, and the original document was approximately 1500 words. Part of this particular document required technical translation knowledge, due to technology involved in the contents of such a subscription. It requires localized Danish translation as well, because words like mobile application or mobile software, etc – may not translate to the same words in English. This requires thorough knowledge of working terminology in both Danish and English for newer words, especially those within technology and mobile industries.

This is also why more and more mobile app developers, mobile carriers and other services are turning to our translation company more and more for technical translation services. We provide quality professional document translation via a huge network of service providers, which enable us to quickly assign the best translator for any given translation project or document. Even Fortune 1000 businesses and companies are noticing that we provide nearly any technical translation, as well as on demand busines documents even when urgently needed.

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