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A recent client asked Tomedes for support with translating his training course from Danish to English.

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Danish to English training course translation

April 07, 2019

Education is something that can continue throughout our lives, from the classrooms of childhood to workplace training schemes as we grow older. For those running companies with staff teams who speak more than one language, rolling out training programmes comes with the added complexity of needing to support staff to meet the same standards in different languages. As such, many businesses turn to professional translation services to help support their training delivery.

This was the case with a recent client, who asked Tomedes for support with translating his training course from Danish to English. He needed to train both his Danish-speaking team and his English-speaking team to deliver the same service using the same skills, so wanted to ensure that the training they received was precisely the same in each language. Enter Tomedes! 

Our native English translator got straight to work. We always aim to use translators who are native speakers of the target language, as it makes for a better quality translation. In this case, our London-based Danish translator was available to step up to the task. We knew that her background in educational translation would position her perfectly to complete the work efficiently and successfully. 

By pairing our translators’ experience and interests so closely with the subjects of our clients’ work, as well as the languages, Tomedes is able to deliver accurate translation across a range of subject specialisms. The result in this case was a superb training course translation from Danish to English. The client was delighted with the result – a word-perfect training course that he could roll out straight away to his employees.

If you have a translation need, speak to Tomedes today. We deliver translations in a huge range of language pairings and provide a one-year guarantee with every document that we translate, for your added peace of mind. 

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