Czech Translation of a Quarterly Report

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Czech Translation of a Quarterly Report

April 05, 2015

By Ofer Tirosh

When serving our clients from the security sector, we ensure that they know that the utmost care and privacy is given to our clients’ documents. This level of care has resulted in our reputation’s growth in the security sector, and we regularly deal with clients who require security-related translations.

The other day, our translation agency was contacted by an individual from a security company who wanted a Czech translation of the company’s quarterly report. The client hadn’t dealt with us before, and so he wanted to know what measures we had in place to ensure a document’s confidentiality.

Nadia was quick to respond to the client, and she assured him that everyone who comes into contact with a client’s document is required to sign a non-disclousure agreement, protecting the content’s privacy.

This measure satisfied the client, and the fact that our price point was so competitive too ensured that he gave his authorisation for the security translation to begin.

Nadia selected one of our leading Czech translators to work on the document, and her background in the security sector enabled her to effortlessly localize technical concepts particular to that sector. This efficiency resulted in the translation being fully completed before the mutually agreed deadline, which greatly impressed the new client.

The client thanked both Nadia and our professional translator for their hard work, and remarked that our service had been easier and safe to use than he expected.


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