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When a new client approached us regarding his Czech to English poetry translation, we knew we had to deliver the perfect translation.

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Czech to English poetry translation

September 12, 2018

It’s fair to say that some forms of translation are more creative than others. When it comes to literary translation – and particularly poetry translation – the art is not just to convey the author’s prose, but to deliver a sense of the same feeling and emotions that they created in the original language. It’s a practised art that some translators have more of a flair for than others – just as some writers are more inclined to write poetry than others. 

Here at Tomedes we love a challenge, so when a new client approached us regarding his Czech to English poetry translation, we knew we had to deliver the perfect translation. 

Our network of translation professionals extends around the world, meaning that we are well placed to pair our translators’ skills and experience with our clients’ needs. In this case, that meant a Czech to English translator with experience of literary and poetry translation. We were delighted to have just the person available. 

Our translator got to work straight away. He liaised with the client regularly throughout the project, in order to ensure that the words and phrases he chose evoked the same imagery that the author had intended with his original work. It was a delicate and detailed process, which resulted in an absolutely superb translation of the client’s poetry. 

The client was thrilled that the poetry translation had so carefully respected his original work. He had been worried that the poetry would lose something of its essence as part of the translation process, and was relieved to find that that was not the case, thanks to our diligent translation work!

Whatever you need translated, Tomedes is here to help. Our translators work with everything from poetry to patent documents, so whatever you have – and whatever language you need – you can be confident that Tomedes can help. 

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