Czech to English website translation

A Czech client engaged Tomedes for professional website translation services from Czech to US English

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Czech to English website translation

March 14, 2018

All manner of companies rely on business translation services in order to further their goals. For some, translation is a way to reach new customers. For others, it provides a means of making new contacts, from suppliers to manufacturers. In the case of a recent Tomedes client, translation provided a way to spread the word about the good work that the charity was doing and the results that it was achieving. 

The client had included details of a recent study on its website and was collaborating with a charity in the US regarding the potential for some further research. As part of their working together, the Czech client wanted to recreate his website in US English. The Tomedes translation team was most happy to help!

Tomedes provides website translation services for clients around the world. We cover an extensive range of language pairings, so were ideally placed to assist this client with his Czech to English website translation. 

As a charity representative, cost was an important factor for the client. He used the instant quote service on the Tomedes website in order to gauge the translation price before talking to our team. Doing so meant that he didn’t have to waste time discussing his needs with us, only to find out the translation cost was too high. Instead, he was able to see from the outset that the price of the translation was well within his budget. 

After quickly checking out Tomedes translation reviews online, the client was happy to proceed with the job. We assigned our leading Czech website translator and wasted no time in getting to work. 

The client was delighted with the end result – a perfect translation of his website into US English. The level of accuracy and value for money were precisely what he was looking for. Another very happy Tomedes customer!

If you have a website that you would like translated, contact Tomedes for a full discussion on how we can help. 


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