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How do we help law firms with their website translation needs?We ensure precision in legal terminologies and brand messages, expanding outreach and trust.

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Consistent Website Translation Support for Law Firms

September 12, 2023

A clear and transparent website for law firms establishes trust, enhances professional credibility, ensures easy client access to information, aids in digital marketing strategies, and differentiates the firm in a competitive marketplace, fostering client confidence and attracting potential clients.

The average spending on website development and maintenance for any U.S.-based businesses can vary widely based on the size of the business, the complexity of the website, its features, the platform used, the region, and several other factors. Upkeep becomes increasingly complex if you are a provider that caters to consumers from different linguistic backgrounds.


Our Client

The client is at the forefront of revolutionizing the legal services sector, diverging from the traditional model. Instead, their cutting-edge approach provides seamless exuberant services that stem from great relationship-building, consistent monitoring, and unwavering accountability. Their secure cloud-based platform streamlines the legal process, reducing the dependency on extensive IT resources. 

Currently, this client is zoned-in on extending legal aid to Ukrainian natives – made more possible by the professional website translation that we provide for them.


The Challenge

When approached by law firms, legal translation is the first service that comes to our minds. That is why we were pleasantly surprised by the initial request of this particular client. Serving clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds, we provide our client with the legal and tech expertise to pull the project through – addressing cultural nuances, maintaining content consistency, adapting to multilingual SEO practices, and managing user interface.

What are the specific needs of our client in this instance?

Integration of content management systems (CMS): Law firms operate in a globalized environment, necessitating swift content extraction and translation across various languages to cater to diverse clientele.

Consistent immediate translation of website content: Immediate translation ensures that law firms can communicate efficiently with international audiences, providing up-to-date information and ensuring inclusivity.

Ukrainian translation of website content: Catering to the Ukrainian market or Ukrainian-speaking clients necessitates a dedicated translation, enhancing client outreach to this group of people in their time of need.


Why Tomedes?

Through professional translation services, law firms can accurately convey legal terminologies in different languages. Cultural competency, consistent content quality, enhanced global SEO, efficient turnaround times, expertise in diverse languages, and assurance of a polished – these are only some of the few things we offer.

What values do we bring to the table in this specific case?

Team of professional tech support and translators: Guarantees timely troubleshooting and high-quality translations, solidifying the provider's reputation and ensuring client projects are executed smoothly.

Clear and open communication: Ensures mutual understanding, reduces errors, and fosters trust between the translation service providers and their clients, enhancing service quality and client satisfaction.

Native legal translation experts: Ensures accurate and culturally relevant translations in specialized legal contexts, minimizing potential misinterpretations and legal complications.


The Result

The partnership between Tomedes and the client addresses the linguistic challenges faced by law firms catering to diverse audiences. By providing accurate legal translations, understanding cultural nuances, and ensuring seamless website integration, Tomedes enhances client trust, inclusivity, and accessibility, specifically aiding Ukrainian natives and broadening the firm's global outreach.



In a world where transparent digital presence is paramount, our client's revolutionary approach to legal services meets the linguistic intricacies of a global clientele. The alliance with Tomedes ensures precise translations and cultural understanding, bolstering trust and expanding outreach, notably benefiting Ukrainian natives.


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