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Confidential translation of a Dutch document

April 14, 2015

We were contacted by a client who wished to have a Dutch document professionally translated into English. However, the client stipulated that the document had to be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

This wasn’t a problem for our translation company, as we take measures to ensure that any client documentation is treated with absolute privacy.

Kenette (one of our project managers) was able to explain to the client that all of our staff who handle client documentation are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, guaranteeing the document’s privacy.

This measure was exactly the sort of thing our client was looking for, and the extremely reasonable price Kenette provided in her quotation for the English translation sealed the deal.

As one of our expert translators set to work on the document, the client noticed that there was an error in the original source text. He notified Kenette of this mistake, and Kenette was able to inform the translator before he reached that part of the document.

By assigning separate individuals to answer a client’s enquiries and to work on the client’s translation, our customers are able to enjoy an exceptional level of customer service and a very quick response time to their enquiries. Further, this method also means that frequent communication doesn’t delay the translation either. And in this case, the client was able to rectify a mistake in the original document before the translator got to it.

The completed translation was returned to the client before the agreed deadline, and the client thanked both Kenette and our expert translator for their outstanding service.

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