NGO Translation Supports Growth of Accessible Housing Concepts

Putting people instead of profits at the heart of housing planning is a complicated process. Tomedes’ translation services for NGOs helped to simplify it.

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NGO Uses Translation to Spread the Word on Accessible Housing

January 23, 2024

In many countries, housing planning seems increasingly focused on profits, not people. Tomedes recently worked with a non-governmental organization (NGO) tackling housing financialization head-on. We demonstrated how accurate translation can play a pivotal role in ensuring a global understanding of this concept, its impact on housing markets, why it is so problematic, and what the solution is.

Our Client

Our client is a dynamic entity committed to transformative narratives that enable and deliver social change. It is at the forefront of a selection of projects addressing critical issues, including housing financialization.

By using Tomedes’ NGO translation service for its concept paper translation, the client was able to connect with new audiences and make complex housing concepts more accessible. This was crucial to the client’s goal of achieving improved housing planning that focuses on residents’ priorities, rather than investors’ returns.

The Project

The client had prepared a concept paper in English on housing financialization. Yet housing financialization is not only a problem in English-speaking countries. As such, to foster global awareness of the issue, the client needed to find a translation service for NGOs – one that could comfortably handle the complexities of the topic. They required the concept paper translation from both English to German and English to European Spanish, all with the utmost accuracy and in a timely fashion. Enter Tomedes.

Concept Paper Translation

Translating any concept paper is a multifaceted undertaking, and this client’s housing financialization paper was certainly no exception. The topic is both complicated and emotive. As such, the utmost linguistic precision was required to convey the nuances of the subject matter.

This careful translation was essential to making the information in the paper available in both German and Spanish, for a wider audience reach. As the client was keen to elevate and broaden discussions around housing financialization and what can be done to counter it (and why), the pressure was on to deliver a highly accurate concept paper translation.

The Challenges

This NGO translation presented several challenges specific to the financialization context:

Complex Financial Terminology: We navigated intricate financial jargon related to housing financialization and conveyed financial concepts accurately in both German and Spanish.

Cultural Nuances in European Spanish: It was important to address cultural differences and linguistic nuances within European Spanish to convey the concept authentically.

Maintaining Conceptual Consistency: We preserved the coherence of complex financial concepts across languages, using our linguistic expertise to maintain the integrity of the message.

Why Tomedes?

The client chose Tomedes due to our proficiency in handling intricate financial terminology and our track record of delivering precise translations. This combination of attention to detail and accuracy was precisely what the client needed. It meant the client could trust Tomedes with the complexity and nuance of its concept paper.

Tomedes’ commitment to linguistic excellence and our tailoring of services to project-specific requirements were also major plus points – hence the client selecting Tomedes as its preferred language service provider.

The Result

The client’s concept paper translation has helped reach new German-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences, fostering a global conversation around housing financialization. The client has been able to share critical insights and amplify the discussion of them.

Connecting with new audiences in this way also meant that the client was able to gain feedback on its concept paper, expanding the breadth of viewpoints contributed to the overall discussion. These robust feedback processes are key to advancing the rights of residents in cities around the world. Those rights would otherwise be at risk of being overlooked during the planning process, buried beneath the pursuit of profits.


Collaborating with Tomedes can bridge the language gap between your business and your intended audience. This client made housing concepts accessible through our NGO and legal translation expertise. What will you use translation to achieve? Contact Tomedes to find out.

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