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A new client recently contacted Tomedes regarding the translation of his company brochure from Chinese to English, under strictest secrecy

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Company brochure translation from Chinese to US English

October 11, 2015

A new client recently contacted Tomedes regarding the translation of his company brochure from Chinese to English. The brochure was for a brand new product range and the client was very keen that the contents be kept confidential for reasons of commercial sensitivity. 

Tomedes always adheres to strict rules of confidentiality for all of our clients. Where a client such as this one wishes for additional reassurance on the issue of confidentiality, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to cover the information that the client provides to us. 

With the paperwork in place, the client sent us his company brochure translation. He needed the glossy brochure translated into US English, so we asked a member of our expert desktop publishing team to work closely with our translator based in San Francisco. Between them, our Chinese to US English translator and our desktop publishing pro produced a perfectly worded and laid out English version of the company brochure. 

Before we sent the English version of the brochure to the client we ran it past our reviewing team. All documents translated by Tomedes are checked by our reviewing team before being handed over to our clients. This is an essential part of our quality control process and is one of the ways in which we ensure that our translations are accurate and of the highest quality. 

Once the reviewer was happy, we sent the brochure to the client. He was pleased to receive it so quickly and to see what an excellent job we had done of both the translation and the layout. He is now in the final stages of preparing to launch his product in the US. 

Whether it’s a brochure, website, marketing presentation or any other document, Tomedes can take care of all your business translation needs. Contact us today for an instant quote!

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