Chuukese to English medical papers translation

Tomedes was up to the challenge when we were approached by an individual who wished his medical papers to be translated from Chuukese to English

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Professional Chuukese translation

November 13, 2016

Translation requests come in all shapes and sizes. The sheer variety of languages spoken on Earth means that no two days are the same for a professional translation company

While translation to and from some languages is frequently requested (Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin all spring to mind), others are sought less often. One such language is Chuukese

With just 45,000 speakers, Chuukese is spoken mainly on the island of Chuuk, located in the Caroline Islands in Micronesia. A descendant of the Austronesian family of languages, Chuukese is a fascinating language with some interesting quirks, such as the uncommon linguistic characteristic of allowing word-initial geminate consonants. 

Chuukese is rarely requested as a language for translation services, but Tomedes was more than up to the challenge when we were approached by an individual who wished for his medical papers to be translated into English. With more than 5,000 professional human translators in our network, we delight in being able to satisfy all manner of language requests, no matter how commonly spoken (or not) the language in question might be. 

Our Chuukese translator was able to get to work quickly for this client, working diligently to translate his medical records into English. Time was of the essence, with our translator working swiftly to ensure that she met the client’s deadline. 

The client was delighted with the fast and responsive service that he received from Tomedes. He had found it easy to contact us through the live chat service on our website and had been able to quickly obtain a quote using our instant quote function. He was also happy with the value for money offered by Tomedes, and with the flawless translation service that we provided to him. A very happy client on all fronts! 

If you have a translation requirement, no matter how common (or otherwise) the language may be, speak to Tomedes today. Our professional translators look forward to providing you with a top quality translation to suit your timescales.

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