Chinese Medical Translation and Interpretation: Unlocking Knowledge in Healthcare Industry

Tomedes offers accurate and fast delivery of Chinese medical translation interpretation for hospitals, medical companies, and healthcare providers worldwide. Our native Chinese translators and interpreters are certified to provide medical language services, ensuring that international patients receive the best-quality healthcare by breaking language barriers. In this project, we exhibit our expertise in providing quality language services for the medical and healthcare sectors.

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Chinese Medical Translation and Interpretation

March 25, 2024

The global healthcare and medical sectors have massively grown over the years. However, the rise of international traveling and immigration has led to language barriers becoming one of the major issues in this field. Because of this, the language service industry has become vital in ensuring that non-English speaking patients receive proper healthcare.

In this project, we demonstrated our expertise in providing Chinese medical interpreting and translation solutions for a healthcare provider that's seeking to enhance the quality of life for non-English speaking patients.

Our Client

Our client is an international healthcare provider that offers webinars about different health-related issues for a diverse audience from healthcare professionals and medical students up to patients with related illnesses. We have worked with the client on previous projects as they have held 20 to 30 webinars each year, most of them needing Chinese medical interpreting. Each webinar they host is recorded and transcribed then translated from English to Chinese to distribute the text to non-English speaking medical professionals who couldn't attend the event as well as patients needing the data.  

The Project

The project involved Zoom interpretation from English to Chinese and vice-versa that's designed to cater to a diverse audience attending webinars for their non-native English-speaking healthcare professionals to increase awareness about different diseases and illnesses, like Diabetes, various types of Cancer, autoimmune disorders, and long-term medical effects of having been diagnosed with COVID-19. The event was for a 2-day webinar series. Each day, the event lasted up to 8 hours.

The second part of the project involved translating the webinar transcriptions, which needed the expertise of certified medical translation services to ensure that the terminology and jargon used were accurate and the message was conveyed properly.

We were tasked with providing 16 hours of simultaneous interpretation services via Zoom, ensuring seamless interaction between the webinar hosts and the participants. Also, we were tasked to translate the transcriptions and return them within 24-48 hours after receiving them from the client. 

Translating Medical Expertise for Global Audiences

The task of Chinese medical interpreting and translations goes beyond mere language translation. This process involves conveying the complex terminologies and jargon used in the medical and healthcare sectors. To ensure that the messages are properly translated or interpreted, medical interpreters and translators are required to undergo training and pass exams to be certified in providing these language solutions, ensuring that they have the skill and medical knowledge to do the task.

Countless studies are showing that the quality of life of patients greatly improves due to better communication between patients and healthcare providers when facilities with programs, like Chinese medical certificate translations and interpretations, are made more accessible. 

The Challenges

We faced a couple of issues during this Chinese medical translation services project. Below are some of the challenges we encountered within the given time frame we had:

Precision in Medical Terminology: The primary hurdle was ensuring the precise interpretation and translation of intricate medical terms and concepts integral to many illnesses and healthcare practices. This required not only a deep understanding of the subject matter but also an ability to translate these concepts into Chinese without losing their inherent meaning. Our broad network of certified medical translators and interpreters ensured that we had the right linguistic and medical expertise to guarantee that each word would be properly conveyed from English to Chinese.

Nuance in Medical Illnesses and Healthcare Practices: Another challenge was capturing the subtleties of the different medical treatments and management in the interpretation and translation from English to Chinese. This involved a nuanced understanding of the condition and its various care protocols, ensuring that the interpretations provided a holistic view of diabetes management. Our medical translators and interpreters have undergone intensive training and have an in-depth knowledge of the nuances involved in translating medical illnesses, jargon, and healthcare practices, ensuring that the language service we're providing is up to international and industry standards.

Real-Time Interpreting Accuracy: Delivering simultaneous interpreting without compromising on the accuracy of the information presented posed a significant challenge. It demanded a high level of expertise and concentration, ensuring that the real-time translation was both immediate and precise. Our team ensured that during the event, one of our certified interpreters would always be ready to stand so that they could immediately provide Chinese medical interpreting solutions during the event. We also made sure that if any technical issues arose during the event, our team would be quick to resolve them. 

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes is trusted by thousands of healthcare providers and medical companies worldwide because our services provide accurate Chinese medical terminology translation for English, Chinese, and other 150 languages. Besides this, below are some other reasons why many institutions and companies from the global healthcare sector have made us their partner for medical language solutions:

Proven Medical Expertise: Tomedes boasts extensive experience in medical translations and interpreting, with a particular focus on Chinese language services. This expertise is pivotal in managing complex medical content, ensuring it is accurately translated and culturally appropriate.

Thorough Quality Assurance: Our strict quality assurance processes ensure that your medical translations adhere to the utmost standards of accuracy and dependability.

Advanced Technical Setup: Our advanced technical setup ensures seamless, high-quality interpreting for webinars. This capability is crucial in delivering a smooth, uninterrupted experience for participants, facilitating effective knowledge transfer.

The Result

Our client was impressed by how seamless the Chinese interpreting was during the two-day webinar series. Even when there were slight technical difficulties, we managed to overcome these issues very quickly, ensuring that the event stuck to its schedule.

After they compiled the transcriptions from the recorded events and sent them to us, we were quick to finish the English to Chinese medical translations of the webinar transcriptions within the 24-48 hours timeframe. From our last conversation via email, our client will have another webinar series in a couple of months from now and looks forward to partnering up with us again. 


The pivotal role of Chinese medical translation and interpreting in the global healthcare sector is undeniable. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the medical field and linguistic expertise to ensure that no medical terminology ends up "lost in translation."

Looking for Chinese medical translation services? Partner up with Tomedes and be one of the thousands of companies experiencing our 98% customer satisfaction rate. Get in touch, and we'll respond right away.

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