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Chinese to English technical manual translation

March 09, 2016

By Ofer Tirosh

Technical document translation requires a keen eye for detail and a focused mind, as well as expert language skills. A regular client recently asked Tomedes to undertake a Chinese to English technical document translation for his company and we were pleased to be able to assist. 

The client’s industrial products are sold worldwide and their complex nature means that their manuals are comprehensive. With the launch of a new product in the pipeline, he needed the technical manual to be translated to English, with the US being his primary target market. Translations into other languages would follow. 

Tomedes has a team of Chinese to English translators based in many locations around the world, including one of our leading technical translators, who hails from New York. She was available immediately to take on the work and already familiar with the client’s requirements from previous translations of his that she had worked on. 

Tomedes always seeks to provide consistency in this way, as it ensures a higher quality of service to our clients and allows our translators to proceed at an increased pace, thanks to their familiarity with the company ethos, particular word/phrase preferences and so forth. This means that our regular clients can receive their translated documents faster, which is always good!

This technical manual was lengthy but our translator worked through it at a good pace, taking just over a week to complete the entire document. The client was delighted and is already considering which other countries he is going to approach after his product has been launched in the US. We’ll be waiting to help him with the translations as soon as he decides. 

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