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Chinese to English identity document translation

September 30, 2018

By Ofer Tirosh

We live in an age where living and working overseas is easier than it has ever been, thanks to low cost air travel and online working. At least, that’s the theory. In reality, moving to or working in another country can still throw up some bureaucratic barriers, including the need to produce paperwork in the host country’s language for numerous officials to pore over. Such translations usually need to be certified as well, as a recent Tomedes client found out. 

The client came to Tomedes asking us to translate his identity documents from Mandarin Chinese to English. He requested certified translation, in order to verify the authenticity of the English-language paperwork. We were delighted to be able to help. 

Tomedes maintains a network of translators around the globe so that we can provide a fast, efficient translation service. That network includes many Mandarin to English translators, so we were able to immediately identify the perfect person to work on the client’s identity documents. 

He needed the translation in a hurry, which is never an issue – it’s why we offer a rush translation service for projects of any size. In this case, the paperwork was completed accurately and quickly – less than two days after he initially made contact with Tomedes, the client had a perfectly translated English version of his identity documents, accompanied by a certificate of translation. He was very happy with the speed and quality of the Tomedes service, as well as with the excellent value for money that we provided. Another satisfied customer!  

Tomedes is available to help with business translation work and personal translation jobs. Simply talk to our team by email, phone or live chat (via our website) and we’ll let you know how soon we can deliver your translation. You can also use our website to obtain an instant quote for your translation job. In fact, why not do so now?

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