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A recent client needed a Chinese to English translation completed to an incredibly short deadline.

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Urgent Chinese to English business translation

May 22, 2019

A recent client needed a translation completed to an incredibly short deadline. As such, Tomedes pulled out all the stops to get it done. 

Accurate Chinese translation services 

Clients use our Chinese translation service for a wide range of purposes, from translating personal documents such as birth certificates to the translation of legal papers. Our latest job was for a client who needed a set of business documents translated in order that he could share them with English-speaking colleagues at a forthcoming meeting. The production of the documents had been delayed, leaving very little time for translation. Nevertheless, the Tomedes team were determined to help! 

Meeting professional business translation needs 

We turned to one of our leading business translators, who was available to start work on the client’s documents immediately. She did just that, racing through the papers with an impressive combination of speed and accuracy. As she finished each paper, our internal quality assurance team checked it over to ensure that we were providing a flawless business translation service. 

Desktop publishing services – with or without translation 

To make matters even more complicated, the client realised at the last minute that he would need Tomedes to typeset the English-language version of his documents as well. Thankfully, we maintain an in-house team of desktop publishing experts, who work with clients around the globe to deliver outstanding design services in multiple languages (both as part of our translation work and as a standalone service). 

In this case of this client, the team was able to prepare beautifully typeset documents at very short notice in order to meet his original deadline – an excellent team effort!

The client was thrilled to receive his professionally presented, accurately translated documents in time for his meeting. It meant that he was able to present his papers professionally and calmly, with the meeting attendees being blissfully unaware of the rush translation job and express typesetting work that had gone on behind the scenes. 

Putting clients’ translation needs front and centre

We supported this client to meet his business objectives against the odds. Understanding and meeting our clients’ needs in this way is a core part of the services that we offer. Those services include translation, localization, desktop publishing, content writing and more. If your business would benefit from professional input in any of these areas, it’s time to give Tomedes a call. We’ll provide you with an account manager who will oversee all of your requirements and ensure that we can  support you to meet your business goals. 

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