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Tomedes was recently tasked with translating a website form from English to Italian, with character limits in place for each section

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Character limited website form translation from English to Italian

October 14, 2015

Tomedes is often asked to incorporate specific requests into the translation jobs that we undertake. One of the simplest is to provide a certificate of translation. This is something that we can do quickly and easily for any translation that we undertake. 

Other requests are less common, but we are still happy to comply in order to suit the client’s requirements. One recent example is the website form that we were engaged to translate from English into Italian. Although the content of the form was not linguistically challenging, there was a character limit on each section of the target language document. 

This meant that the translator would need to keep a very close eye on every single section that he translated, in order not to go over the limit. We realized that a keen eye for detail was essential on this job, but thanks to our extensive global translation network, we also knew that we had just the right person to take it on. 

We contacted one of our best Italian translators, based in Florence. His translation career with Tomedes spanned several years and included a whole host of detailed, accurate English to Italian translations, so we knew he was more than up to the challenge. 

Our translator did just what we knew he would – he provided a perfect Italian translation, with every section meeting the character limit requirements that the client had specified. The client was thrilled with the quality of the work, the fast turnaround time and our excellent price. He is already planning his next translation job for us. 

What unusual translation needs do you have? Whatever your request, Tomedes will be happy to provide fast, accurate translations for a great price. Simply phone, email or chat with us online to let us know your requirements and we will send you a quote. 

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