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For a recent client, Tomedes needed to provide certified Chinese legal translation services in a hurry.

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Certified English to Chinese legal translation

August 21, 2019

Here at Tomedes our team of professional translators is adept at supporting clients who have very little time to spare. The world moves fast, and translation requests are often made at short notice, so our team needs to act fast in order to comply with clients’ deadlines. 

Professional Chinese translation services 

In the case of a recent client, we needed to provide Chinese translation services in a hurry. The client had received a legal document – a summons – in English and needed to be able to read it in her native language without delay. She turned to Tomedes for help and we quickly assigned a native Mandarin speaker to professionally translate her document. 

When considered by number of total speakers, English and Chinese are the world’s two  most spoken languages, according to Babbel Magazine. This article on the world’s most spoken languages reveals that 2.228 billion people speak either one or both of these languages, with 1.121 billion English speakers and 1.107 billion Chinese speakers spread around the globe (natively, Chinese remains the most spoken language, followed by Spanish and then English). 

With so many business and personal exchanges taking place between the two languages, the need for professional translators is strong. 


Legal translation expertise 

Our legal translation services provide clients with translators whose experience covers a range of legal disciplines. They are familiar with key legal terms and concepts, as well as possessing impressive language skills. This means that they are ideally placed to support clients with legal translation needs. 

In the case of this client, we quickly assigned an experienced legal translator who was a native Mandarin speaker in order to translate the summons she had received. 


Express translation services

Our translator got straight to work. He quickly converted the legal language of the summons from English to Chinese so that our client could read the document in her native tongue. Not only did this help the client to understand the summons’ meaning, it also dramatically reduced her stress level, as she understood the purpose of the document and how and why it related to her. 


Professional translation for a global audience

Tomedes works with a huge range of clients, from individuals with single-page documents to blue chip companies with vast, ongoing translation projects that require teams of linguists to support them. As such, no translation job is too large or too small for our talented team to tackle. Why not contact us today to find out more? 

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