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Tomedes recently helped a client by translating her business survey into multiple languages, including Chinese, to help her gather customer feedback

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Business survey translation from English into Chinese and 10 other languages

October 04, 2015

Reaching out to your customers and asking for their feedback is an essential management tool for modern businesses. But reaching out to your customers when you sell your products or services in more than one country can be a tough business. 

One determined Tomedes client set out to do just that. She set up a business survey in order to gather her customers’ views on her product range. She then asked the Tomedes team to translate the survey into 11 other languages, in order to communicate with all of those who had bought her products during the past year. 

With a global network of professional translators, Tomedes is perfectly positioned to undertake multilingual translations of this nature. We were able to use native speakers of every one of the languages that the client asked for and then compile the results into one document, so that the alternative languages could easily be viewed and compared with the original English. 

Using so many translators in this way also meant that we were able to complete the job in record time. The translators were able to work on the project concurrently, meaning that the whole job could be completed in the time it took to translate the survey into just one language!

The client was absolutely delighted with our service and provided Tomedes with some lovely, positive feedback. We always like to get feedback from our clients so that we can continuously improve our services and our business model, ensuring client satisfaction remains high at all times. 

If you have a business translation need, send us the details by email or by using the live chat service on our website. We will be delighted to provide you with an instant quote in order to show you how easy and cost effective it is to start engaging more with your customers, whatever their native language might be.

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