Tomedes’ English Translation and Localization for Business Coaching Literature

The translation and internationalization project for a prominent business coaching manual was a comprehensive effort that required a deep understanding of linguistic nuances, design aesthetics, and cultural sensitivities.

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Tomedes’ English Translation and Internationalization for Business Coaching Literature

November 17, 2023

Despite the growing number of fluent English speakers, as indicated by changes in the EF English Proficiency Index, a vast reservoir of insights remains in non-English sources. This disparity highlights the immense value of translating content into English. For instance, with the continuous rise in English proficiency worldwide, the demand for diverse and rich content in English also grows. 

By translating materials from various languages, we not only cater to this expanding audience but also unlock a trove of ideas and perspectives previously inaccessible to them. This endeavor is more than linguistic proficiency; it's about bridging knowledge gaps and fostering a more interconnected global community.

The Client 

A dynamic entrepreneurial coaching organization focused on empowering business leaders and entrepreneurs. They specialize in developing comprehensive guides and resources, aiming to foster business freedom and efficiency. Their material, rich in insights and strategies, requires careful translation and adaptation to resonate with a global audience.


Translation and Integration with Design Elements: Aligning the translated content with the existing design and layout of the business coaching manual.

Translating for a Global AudienceThe materials provided were being translated into English from other languages, unique challenges such as cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, and complex syntax presented themselves, requiring expert handling to maintain the integrity of the original content.

Adapting Translations to Various File Formats: Ensuring that the translated content is compatible and adaptable across diverse formats, including PDF, EPUB, and others.

New Cover Design for Translated Versions: Creating new cover designs for the translated versions of the manual that are culturally appropriate and appealing to the target audience.

Revision and Feedback Process for Translations: Establishing an efficient process for revising translated chapters and gathering feedback.

Defining Timelines and Deadlines: Establishing realistic timelines for the translation project, aligning with the organization's schedule and meeting proposed deadlines.

Tomedes’ Solutions 

Establishing Collaborative Processes

Implementing a collaborative review and feedback process between translators and designers, coupled with the use of translation tools that are adaptable to design software. This approach ensures that the translated content seamlessly fits into the manual's original design layout, preserving its visual appeal and readability.

Our Wide Network of Native Linguists

Our extensive network of linguists includes experts in specific language pairs, ensuring culturally sensitive and accurate translations.

Ensuring Up-to-Date Translation Tech Stack and Integrations

Utilizing translation tools that are compatible with various design software, enabling smooth adaptation of the translated content to different formats. This strategy ensures that the text flow, layout, and design integrity are maintained across all formats, providing a consistent reader experience.

Our Best-in-Class Design Team

We have a dedicated team of professional designers who have a deep understanding of cultural nuances. These designers work closely with the translation team to ensure that the cover designs resonate with the cultural context of each language, enhancing the manual's appeal in different markets.

Clear and Constant Communication - Our Commitment to Customer Centricity

We have a saying in the company, 'never assume anything'. This mantra highlights the importance of client communication, a key pillar of our company's success. In line with this philosophy, we've developed practical, client-centric solutions to enhance our translation processes.

One pivotal solution is setting up a secure, shared platform for chapter revisions. Here, translated content can be meticulously reviewed, and feedback can be seamlessly integrated. This platform fosters a structured, sequential approach to chapter translation, where each segment is refined based on detailed feedback, ensuring both quality and accuracy.

Furthermore, we place a high priority on synchronizing with the organization's schedule and deadlines. By establishing clear timelines for chapter reviews and translations, we facilitate efficient project management and guarantee timely delivery. This careful coordination is crucial to ensure that our translation projects progress smoothly and align with the organization's strategic distribution plans.


The translation and internationalization project for a prominent business coaching manual was a comprehensive effort that required a deep understanding of linguistic nuances, design aesthetics, and cultural sensitivities. Through a collaborative approach, innovative solutions, and meticulous project management, the project was successfully delivered, ensuring that the manual resonated with its global audience while maintaining its original essence and design quality.

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