Brochure translation and desktop publishing from English to Chinese

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Brochure translation and desktop publishing from English to Chinese

November 01, 2015

By Ofer Tirosh

Professional translation is often about more than just translating a text from one language to another. Many clients are also looking for desktop publishing services, so that their translated document is presented in just the same way as the original. 

This is something that Tomedes is happy to help with. Our experienced desktop publishing team works together with our translators to produce professionally finished documents for clients around the world. 

As an example, a client recently asked for us to translate his product brochure from English to Chinese, so that he could provide a copy of it to a number of contacts he planned to meet on a forthcoming business trip. 

Tomedes has a network of translators spread across China. For this job we approached our Shenzhen translator, as we knew he had a vast amount of business experience, which would stand him in good stead for this piece of work. Where possible, Tomedes always attempts to pair a translator’s specialist skills with the client’s requirements in this way. We find that it makes for a better quality translation and that both client and translator are happier as a result of this approach. 

Our translator worked fast and in close liaison with the desktop publishing team. The result was a Chinese language version of the product brochure that looked just like the original English language version. 

The client was thrilled to receive such a professional and perfectly translated document. He now has his printed copies ready to take on his travels and win new business from his Chinese contacts. 

Tomedes is available to assist with all of your business translation needs, from brochures to websites to business cards. Contact us today for an instant, no obligation quote, whatever your translation requirements. We will be delighted to assist you in taking your business to new audiences around the world.

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