Expanding Reach with Accurate French Website Translations

Tomedes provides French translation solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals. We recently completed a project requiring precise and culturally relevant translations for a client's website. This exemplifies our commitment to delivering accurate and consistent translations that enhance engagement and branding for global businesses in the French market.

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Expanding Reach with Accurate French Website Translations

June 26, 2024

Our client

Company name: Luminex (Pseudonym)

What does the company do? 

This company provides high-end architectural lighting solutions for businesses and private clients.

Deadline set by the client: 1 week

What do they need? 

Our client needed its entire website translated into French to reach a new market and enhance its global presence. The project included technical specifications, product descriptions, and marketing content. 

The challenges

Even though we were given a week to complete this project, we encountered a couple of challenges:

First, the project required translating complex lighting and architectural terminology accurately, ensuring the translations were both technically precise and understandable.

Second, maintaining uniformity in terminology and style across various documents and web pages was essential, particularly when dealing with multiple languages.

Third, adapting marketing content to resonate with French and Italian audiences while retaining our client’s brand voice presented a unique challenge.

Two key factors contributed to our success in translating our client's website. First, the expertise of our specialized translators has a deep knowledge of the architectural lighting industry, ensuring that technical terminology and product specifications are translated accurately.

This expertise was critical in maintaining the integrity and precision of the content, which is essential for both regulatory compliance and customer understanding. Second, our robust quality assurance process. We implemented a multi-layered review system that included initial translations by industry experts, followed by thorough reviews by native speakers and further checks for consistency and accuracy. 

Why Tomedes?

For almost two decades, Tomedes has been providing high-quality French translations for businesses and organizations worldwide. From translating professional documents to websites, we have a proven track record of handling diverse and complex translation projects with precision and cultural sensitivity.

Our extensive experience ensures that we understand the nuances of the French language and its variations across different regions, enabling us to deliver translations that are not only accurate but also resonate with the target audience.

Our team conducted a comprehensive review of the source content, identifying key terminology and contextual nuances. We held consultations with our client to align on terminology and style preferences.

We leverage Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to ensure consistent terminology use and efficient handling of large volumes of text. These tools also help reduce turnaround time and improve accuracy. Also, we prioritize continuous communication with our clients. This collaborative approach ensures that any concerns or adjustments are promptly addressed, fostering a successful partnership.

The solution

Firstly, our team conducted a comprehensive review of the source content, meticulously identifying key terminology and contextual nuances to ensure precision. We held detailed consultations with Luminex to align on terminology and style preferences, making sure that our translations faithfully represented their brand voice.

Secondly, by utilizing advanced Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, we ensured consistent terminology use and efficient handling of the large volume of text. This technology significantly reduced the project turnaround time while maintaining exceptional accuracy.

Lastly, we implemented a stringent QA process, including thorough reviews by native speakers and continuous feedback loops with the client. This critical step was crucial in identifying and correcting any errors before final delivery, ensuring the highest quality of translations.

The result

We completed the project ahead of schedule, impressing our client with precise and consistent translations across all French and Italian pages of their website. The technical terms were accurately translated, preserving their intended meaning while effectively communicating our client's branding to their French-speaking users.

In our recent conversation, the client reported a noticeable increase in engagement from the French market. They expressed their satisfaction with our work and indicated their eagerness to collaborate with us on future projects of a similar nature.


Tomedes' meticulous approach to their client's website translation project exemplifies our ability to combine technical expertise, advanced translation tools, and close client collaboration. We successfully delivered accurate, culturally adapted translations that resonate with diverse audiences.

For companies looking to expand their global footprint, Tomedes offers a proven track record of delivering precise, culturally adapted translations that resonate with diverse audiences. Contact Tomedes today to see how we can help you achieve your multilingual goals and reach a broader audience.

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