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Arabic to English translation of legal documents for a Syrian client.

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Arabic Translation of Legal Documents

July 06, 2012

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Legal Document Translation from Arabic to English

Often legal situations and proceedings can be unpleasant, to say the least. They may involve individuals in a heated conflict or disagreement that cannot be settled without legal intervention. Some examples include divorce, lawsuits and settlements or a contract that has been broken illegally. For these types of legal translation services, it is very important that clients choose a professional translation service that has proven history of client confidentiality. This was the case recently with a professional Arabic translation that involved a sensitive legal case, and unpleasant events and proceedings.

A client of ours from Dubai contacted us for services regarding professional legal translation of a response letter to immigration services. While obviously we cannot disclose specific information, immigration and legal translation services often go hand in hand. Sometimes they are for simple immigration proceedings, and other times, unfortunately, for early deportation proceedings. However, legal translation service goes far beyond this as well. There are often complicated laws, exceptions, legal procedures and other complexities involved with immigration and deportation, and the various types of visas. Often before a visa can even be formally applied for, letters of recommendation must be filed and received by immigration services, which usually requires professional legal translation from one language to another.

Professional Arabic Translation For All Dialects

Because Tomedes is so well known for our professional translation services in Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages, we are contacted by clients from all Arabic dialects and language speaking regions. Egyptian Arabic translations, Saudi Arabic, Syrian Arabic, Moroccan Arabic - we translate all dialects, some of which can be very different. Add to that legal jargon and complex terms, and Arabic translation of legal documents often requires not only specific legal knowledge, but also specific dialects of Arabic legal terminology and regional differences in laws and procedures. Because Arabic is one of the most spoken languages, one of the official languages of the UN, and one of the most valued in foreign language fluency by the US government, separation of legal terms according to region and dialect is crucial. A legal document translation for a Syrian client may be considerably different than the same legal document for a Moroccan client.

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