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While any professional Arabic translation company can offer accurate Arabic translation, and perhaps even technical Arabic translators with oil and gas industry experience none of them offer it for the low translation rates that we do.

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Arabic Translation for Oil and Gas Industry

May 16, 2010

The oil and gas industry is probably the biggest and most invested industry between western countries and the Middle East, Israel and other countries. Recently a client needed a fairly large Arabic to English business document translation within the oil and gas industry. This particular project was posted by a client based in the Middle East who needed the translation in Dallas, Texas for oil and gas industry sales and exports. Not only did this particular client (specific client information disclosure is prohibited according to our terms of service and confidentiality agreements) want technical English to Arabic translation for oil and gas business documents, but he also required additional translators for Arabic-English document proofreading.

Native English translators with Arabic fluency and technical translation experience were required for this project – translators who aren't easy to come across. Technical Arabic translation experience for a native English speaking translator is not a common find – unless of course, you find them through our eclectic network of over 5,000 translators. For a quick, free quote on any Arabic to English translation, or any technical Arabic translation, simply use the menu on the left to send or copy your document. You'll be given an estimate immediately. Within a few seconds, you'll see our translation service rates are far from the overpriced rates of our competitors. No other professional Arabic translation company can boast the affordable, low translation costs that we offer to all of our clients. One of the best things about our Arabic translation service is that even though, as mentioned before, finding oil and gas industry experienced Arabic translators is not a common find, we still maintain practical and affordable translation rates, while providing high quality business document translations.

For projects like Arabic translation for oil and gas industry, we assign two Arabic-English translators with technical experience, because the document was rather large – over 15,000 words. We also assign an Arabic proofreader to the translation team, to ensure complete accuracy and speedy translation turnaround. An expert technical Arabic-English translator is then assigned as the translation project supervisor, to keep the project on task and on schedule. Our professional translation service has continued to produce high quality translations for both Fortune 500 companies and individuals alike. While any worthwhile Arabic translation service may cater to the higher end of the economic chain, Tomedes considers individuals, small businesses, and anyone else into our translation service rates. It's nice to know that while Tomedes has the professional skill to provide Arabic technical translation for large corporations and IT companies, we also offer the affordability of our translation costs to everyday hard-working clients.

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