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When moving country, legal document translation can be essential, such as the Arabic to English translations that Tomedes undertook last week.

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Arabic to English Legal Document Translation

January 20, 2014

For individuals who move from one country to another, a batch of flawlessly translated legal documents can be an essential part of their move, such as the documents that Tomedes translated last week from Arabic to English.

Tomedes has access to a network of more than 5,000 professional translators and Arabic to English is one of the most common language pairings that we are asked to translate. Our Arabic to English translators hold a vast range of career experience between them, including backgrounds in the medical, legal and academic worlds. This means that no matter how complex the content of the documents we are asked to translate, we always have the perfect translator for the job.

Our recent client needed a varied batch of legal papers translated from Arabic to English, prior to her company relocating her to the UK to work for two years. With only a couple of weeks to finalise the details of her move, the client was in a hurry to receive the translated documents, so we set to work immediately.

Within four working days, Tomedes had provided the client with a translated and proofread batch of papers in perfect English, all at our usual low prices. The client was thrilled that she was free to focus on the other parts of her move and didn’t need to worry about her documents due to the first class translation service that Tomedes had provided. 

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