Arabic to English literary translation

Recently, a new client contacted Tomedes about the literary translation of her novel from Arabic to English.

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Arabic to English literary translation

June 17, 2018

Literary translation into English has enjoyed something of a sustained boom over the past few years, as readers look beyond their national borders in order to appreciate the best that fiction has to offer from around the world. 

While not every translated novel will reach the giddy heights of winning the Man Booker International Prize, the scale of literary fiction translation means that there is an ever-expanding range of titles available to those seeking to discover more of the world through its fiction. 

Recently, a new client contacted Tomedes via the instant quote function on our website. She was interested in translating her new novel from Arabic to English. We were happy to be able to help. 

Tomedes has a bank of highly skilled literary translators covering a wide range of language pairings. We match each translator’s experience with the job at hand, so far as possible. This means that our translators work on subjects that they are passionate about, which we find makes for superior quality translations. 

In this case, our translator was based in Birmingham, in the UK. His background in literary translation and superb Arabic translation skills meant that he was the ideal person for the job. He got to work at once, liaising with the client as required to ensure that the tone of the translation perfectly mirrored that of the original. 

Literary translation of this nature requires the development of an excellent understanding between the author and the translator – it is a real team effort. That’s why the Man Booker International Prize rewards the winning author and translator equally each year. 

The result of our diligent translation was a very happy client. She is now in the final stages of launching her novel to English-speaking audiences. 

If you have a document that requires translation, let Tomedes help. We can translate everything from technical documents to poetry. Contact our team and put us to the test! 

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