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Accurate, Professional Immigration Translation

September 08, 2010

Perfect Translation for All Immigration Documents

Though many of the clients who request immigration document translation service know how to speak English, it is prohibited by law for them to translate their own immigration and visa documents. Not only is an unrelated, objective third party required to provide immigration translation for related documents, but there must also be a provided certificate of translation, which formally states the document has been accurately translated. Don't risk complications with inexperienced or underqualified translators, especially when required to testify to the accuracy of your translated immigration documents. Because of the legal nature and the importance for accuracy in immigration and visa services, only a leading professional translation service like Tomedes should be employed for such kinds of government document translation.

Immigration papers, identification sources, and visa documents are some of the most commonly requested translation services from individual clients. One of the best features most of these individuals find out immediately about Tomedes as a professional translation company, is that they can afford the official translations we provide, which are required by visa and immigration government departments and authorities.

Some people may not realize what exactly immigration document translation may include. Some examples of immigration translation are:

  • Alien registration document translation, employment authorization document – also known as EAD translation
  • Visa translation, passport translation, green card translation, naturalization certificate translation
  • Translation of: petition for alien fiance or spouse, petition for alien relative, application for non-immigrant status, travel document application, refugee document translation
  • Birth certificate translation, legalization application translation

The list goes on, and there are many other kinds of documents that fall under immigration translations - half the problem is probably figuring out which immigration document is the correct one for any given situation. This makes it even more important not to further complicate things with an incompetent or faulty translator or translation service. It's imperative to use a language translation company you can trust to deliver a perfect, accurate document translation for your immigration documents.

Whether providing Italian, Russian, Chinese or Spanish translation service in San Diego, Phoenix, Miami or New York, we provide perfect translations for all of it. As always, any document translation service we provide is done with the fastest turnaround possible, and always for the lowest translation costs you'll find from any leading language translation company.

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