Ensuring Factual News Coverage: The Crucial Role of Accurate Journalistic Translations

Accuracy in journalistic translations is essential. Tomedes supported a client to deliver journalistic articles in multiple languages objectively and factually.

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Ensuring Factual News Coverage: The Crucial Role of Accurate Journalistic Translations

January 02, 2024

Tense international situations require delicate handling in the press, with journalists and publishers displaying a strong commitment to accuracy and integrity in their reporting. The need for accurate journalistic translations is also crucial, to ensure that information is conveyed around the world factually and appropriately. This can help avoid inflaming difficult situations and making them harder to handle.

Our Client

Our client is committed to accurate information dissemination and to protecting journalists’ integrity. This commitment extends to fostering informed and engaged communities that can trust the media reports they read. It is a mission that helps keep journalists safe and independent, along with the publications for which they write. There are also notable benefits to society, with the client fighting the significant disruption and disorder that the spread of misinformation and disinformation can cause.

The Project

Tomedes supported the client with the translation of multiple articles from Arabic into English and French. We worked on various article topics, including scientific news, conveying it with utmost care and accuracy into these languages. As a result, the journalistic translations maintained both the essence and the factual accuracy of the original works. This ensured the journalism translations were as trustworthy as the original articles, supporting the client’s mission of disseminating accurate information in multiple languages.

The Importance of Accurate Journalistic Translations

What are the characteristics of journalistic translation? Attention to detail, care, accuracy, and faithfulness to the original article are all key. Just as reporting must be factual and undertaken with integrity, so much news translation.

Translators must show specialist expertise of working with journalistic language. What is journalistic language? As the name implies, it is the special style of writing that journalists use, usually featuring concise, succinct paragraphs, objective reporting, and the clear presentation of facts and statistics. Those working on journalism translations must preserve all of this when conveying the articles in other languages.

The Challenges

Several challenges related to journalistic translations, including:

Maintaining Factual Integrity: It is essential for translators to uphold the truthfulness and objectivity of news content during translation, irrespective of their personal views.

Cultural Sensitivity and Relevance: Adapting news content to different cultural contexts while retaining the original message can be a tough balance for translators to achieve.

Technical Accuracy in Scientific News: With scientific news items, as with other scientific translations, scientific terminologies must be accurately translated, preserving their exact meaning.

Why Tomedes?

The client chose Tomedes due to our expertise and experience of delivering accurate, trusted journalistic translations. Our proven ability to handle the nuances of news content, including specialist terminology, meant the client could rely on us to deliver the required accuracy and objectivity. This applied across different languages and cultures, with the client able to trust that our accurate translations would reflect its commitment to integrity. The timely nature of our delivery also suited the client’s fast-paced, dynamic working culture.

The Result

The client was delighted with the result of Tomedes’ journalistic translations. We presented them with factually accurate translations that were faithful to the original articles, across a wide range of topics, in both English and French. As such, the client was able to share its articles more widely, extending the reach of its objective, independent journalism.

By enabling accurate and culturally sensitive news coverage, we supported the client to connect with diverse linguistic audiences, helping it to build an informed, engaged global community. In an age of disinformation, this is a crucial commitment to supporting public understanding of important global events.


Media and journalism businesses that want to deliver reliable news coverage in multiple languages can rely on Tomedes’ accurate, timely journalistic translations. Please contact our team to find out more. We’re here to help 24/7/365.

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