Slovak to English legal translation

A recent client needed a Slovak translation of a legal agreement so that he could understand it in his native English.

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Professional legal translation

June 02, 2018

Slovakia is home to more than five million Slovakian speakers. There are also Slovak-speaking populations as far afield as the Czech Republic, the United States, Ireland, Hungary and Australia, as well as in a number of other countries around the world.  

Our Slovak translation services serve those who have documentation in Slovak that they need translated into English, or vice versa. In the case of a recent client, his Slovak translation involved a legal agreement that he needed to understand in his native English. While he could read a little Slovak, thanks to his heritage, his second language skills weren’t developed enough to grasp the legal language in the document. Thankfully, Tomedes was on hand to help. 

The client approached us through the live chat service on our website. This gave him the chance to quiz our friendly team on everything he needed to know before assigning us the job – timescale, price and our chosen Slovak translator’s credentials. He then popped ‘Tomedes translation review’ into Google, was happy with what he read, and asked us to go ahead with the work. 

Our Slovak translation specialist had a background in legal translation, which ensured that she was the ideal person to work on this client’s documentation. She got to work straight away, applying her superb language skills and legal knowhow to the job at hand. The result was a speedy, accurate translation that meant the client could fully understand the legal paperwork in front of him. 

The client was most happy with the end result – his translation was provided on time and within budget, meaning that he could move forward with his legal affairs without undue delay or cost. 

The Tomedes translation team supports clients all over the world in this way, delivering accurate translations across a wide range of subjects and language pairings. Contact us to find out more.  

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