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Recently, one of Tomedes' leading Javanese translators helped a client with her video translation and subtitling project.

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Javanese to English video translation and subtitling

January 16, 2019

Javanese has more than 75 million speakers around the world, concentrated mainly in Java, in Indonesia, as well as in East Timor, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia. It has a rich literary history, despite not being recognised as an official language by any country. 

At Tomedes, our Javanese translators are highly skilled linguists who work across a range of disciplines. Most recently, one of our leading Javanese translators helped a client with her video translation and subtitling project. 

The client was in a real hurry to get the translation and subtitling undertaken, as delays in the early stages of her project meant that she was lagging behind her original timeline. As such, she opted to use our urgent video translation service. (This rush translation option is available for any project – simply ask about it when speaking to the Tomedes team.)

Our Javanese translator made the client’s video translation her top priority, translating the file into English as swiftly as possible while not compromising quality. The subtitling and time-stamping was carried out expertly, providing the client with precisely what she needed in terms of the English-language version of her video. 

The client was delighted with the results. Her video translation project was completed faster than she had even dared hope and the quality of the work was second to none. She was also pleasantly surprised by the value for money that she received from Tomedes, finding our Javanese translation service to be extremely cost effective. 

If you have a video file or other type of document that needs translation, it’s time to speak to the Tomedes team. We cover a vast range of language pairings, with a network of translators that extends around the world. Email us, phone us or chat with our team via live chat – however you contact us, we’re here to provide you with expert translation services.

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