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A recent Tomedes client needed his audio file translated from French to UK English.

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French to UK English audio translation

June 19, 2019

Last week was the UK’s third annual Love Audio Week. An initiative of the Publishers Association’s audio publishers group, the campaign is all about promoting and valuing audio books. On the other side of the pond, meanwhile, the Audio Publishers Association’s 2019 survey reports that 50% of Americans aged 12 and older have listened to at least one audio book (up from 44% last year). 

Professional French translation

As demand for audio grows, so does demand for audio translation services. A recent Tomedes client, for example, needed his audio file translated from French to UK English. 

Tomedes has a bank of French translators on hand to assist with jobs such as this. We work only with highly skilled linguists, so when this client explained his translation needs, we were quickly able to assign a suitable experienced French translation expert. 

Efficient audio translation services 

Providing audio translation services often includes an element of transcription. That was certainly the case for this job. The client has asked that the original audio be transcribed into French and then translated into English. Naturally, we were happy to oblige. After all, Tomedes is much more than just a translation agency – we also provide transcription, subtitling, interpretation and desktop publishing services.  

 In this client’s case, the translator quickly got to grips with the transcription and then began to translate the resulting copy from French into her native English. Tomedes always seeks to use native speakers of the target language in this way, as we find that doing so makes for higher quality translations. 

24/7 customer care

As with every Tomedes customer, this client was able to enjoy 24/7 customer care as a result of the global nature of our business. We operate around the world, so there’s always somebody on hand to deal with any queries that our clients may have, no matter which time zone they happen to be in! 

This client was delighted with the customer care that he received, as well as with the high quality of his audio translation. He was also pleased with the excellent value for money that the translation cost represented. Another very happy Tomedes customer! 

Varied translation needs

Whether you have an audio file, a video, a website, an app or simply a document to translate, the Tomedes team can help. We have expert linguists with very broad translation experience and specialist skills, who between them cover a vast range of language pairings. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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