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Our most recent client job was a website translation from English to Greek

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English to Greek website translation

May 26, 2019

There are now more than a billion websites in existence. Even accounting for 80% of these being inactive (according to NetCraft), that’s still 200 million operational sites. No wonder then that there is such strong and sustained demand for website translation services!

English to Greek translation services

Over the years, Tomedes has undertaken website translations covering a vast range of language pairings and a huge variety of topics. We’ve translated blogs, fundraising pages, legal terms, retail sites and so much more. As such, we felt well qualified to undertake our most recent website project – a translation from English to Greek. 

Greek, like Latin, is at the root of many of the words that we use today in English. Greek has around 13.2 million speakers these days, located mainly in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Albania and Italy. By translating her website from English to Greek, our client planned to open up her product range to customers across these countries. 

Professional website translation services 

Website translation is a detailed undertaking. Most websites have their main pages, which can include huge amounts of copy, as well as sections about the company and staff team, legal information, contact details and more. For retail sites, this also means translating information relating to payments and returns, and sometimes working with a new payment provider altogether, if the existing setup can’t be used in all of the countries that the translated site is aimed at. 

Express translations for business customers

In this instance, the client presented Tomedes with a detailed site map, so we got to work at once, confident of what needed to be translated and in which order. The client was in a hurry, so used our urgent translation service in order to ensure that she could move ahead with plans for her Greek website as soon as possible. We were only too happy to oblige. 

Express translations are available to all clients for all manner of projects – simply let Tomedes know what your deadline is at the start of the project and we’ll work to ensure that we meet it. 

Managing your translation needs

Our breadth of experience and global network of highly qualified linguists means that we can managed a huge range of translation needs. Whether you have a website or a video, a glossy brochure or an app, we are here to help. Call, email or live chat with our friendly team in order to get started. 

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