English to Swedish legal translation

A recent client asked Tomedes to undertake a legal translation for his website, from English to Swedish.

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English to Swedish legal translation

May 27, 2018

A recent client asked us to undertake a legal translation for him, from English to Swedish. In need of a translator and doing his due diligence, he had searched for “Tomedes translation review” to check us out before using the instant translation quote function on the Tomedes website.  

The client’s translation related to his website. He had translated the site himself from English to Swedish, as his language skills were excellent. However, he faltered when it came to the legal language on the terms and conditions page. As such, he wanted to use a professional website translation service for that page – hence his engagement of Tomedes. 

With a network of translators that extends around the globe, we pride ourselves on being able to find the right translator for each job, not just in terms of language, but also based on the translator’s work history. In this case, we were able to turn to our leading Swedish legal translator, whose experience included translating a vast array of legal documents for clients in all manner of business sectors and sizes. 

Legal translation requires a superb eye for detail, as well as outstanding language skills and knowledge of legal phraseology in both languages. Our translator brought all this and more to the job, completing the translation quickly and professionally. 

The client was delighted with the translation. His Swedish was good enough that he was able to appreciate the accurate translation when he read it through. He was also delighted by the value for money that the Tomedes translation service represented. 

For business documents ranging from letters to websites, legal papers, marketing materials and more, Tomedes is here to help. We provide accurate, efficient translation services for business clients around the world. Contact the friendly Tomedes team today to find out how we can best support your company. 

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