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A new client asked Tomedes to translate his video subtitles from English to Spanish.

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English to Spanish video subtitle translation

July 04, 2018

Both Spanish translation and video translation are commonly requested services from the Tomedes translation team. As such, when a new client came to us needing his video subtitles translated from English to Spanish, we had the perfect translator for the job. 

Our leading Spanish video translator is experienced at everything from transcribing the audio elements of videos to timestamping the translated content (an essential part of the process if the translated copy is to match up correctly with what’s happening on the screen). She got to work straight away, as the client was in a hurry and had opted to use our urgent translation service. 

Spanish translation services are used by clients around the world for both personal and business reasons. Tomedes maintains a network of Spanish translators so that we can deliver translations into Spanish (and from Spanish to English) at a moment’s notice. 

For this client, top quality, accurate translation was the priority. This suited the Tomedes team, as accurate translation is always our focus, even when the client has a rush translation job – our speedier services are never at the expense of quality! That’s why we commit to always using human translators. Machine translation has no place in a professional translation agency unless its quality improves a great deal from the current offerings. 

For this client, we delivered his urgent translation on time and to budget. He was delighted on both counts and has already engaged our team to undertake his next video subtitle translation – from English into French this time. Naturally, we are thrilled to be able to help and to welcome him as another long-term Tomedes client. 

Whatever you need translated, it’s time to talk to Tomedes. Our helpful team will chat through your translation needs and help to get your project started. You can also obtain an instant quote directly from the Tomedes website. 

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