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A recent Tomedes client needed an educational certificate translated as part of his plans to go to university in Spain.

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English to Spanish educational certificate translation

August 25, 2019

Studying overseas can be a wonderfully exciting and eye-opening adventure. The social and cultural elements of the experience are at least equal to the academic part. And for those with a plan to launch a career in the professional translation sector after their studies are complete, the experience can be particularly beneficial. 

English-speaking countries lead the board when it comes to attracting international students. The US attracts more than any other country, according to Wikipedia, in this entry on international students, with well over a million foreign students enrolling there in 2018. China, India and South Korea are the top three senders, while China (along with the United States and Germany) also sends a significant number of students to the UK, which is the second most popular destination globally for international students. 

Professional Spanish language skills at your disposal 

Spain comes tenth on the list of most popular cross-border studying destinations and it was in Spain that a recent Tomedes client planned to spend his next four years of study. He spoke excellent Spanish, but still required our Spanish translation service in order to obtain a certified copy of an educational certificate, in order to meet his university’s paperwork requirements. 

Educational translation for students

With a host of superb Spanish translators at our disposal, we were happy to help and got to work at once. 

The student’s certificate was a simple translation job – a single-page certificate that he needed translated from English to Spanish. We delivered the translation the day after he requested it and for a translation price that, even as a student, he was absolutely delighted with. 

Certified translation for any document

Part of our client’s requirements was that the translation be certified. This means that Tomedes provides a certificate of translation to show that the translated document is a true copy of the original document. The client needed this to show to his university in Spain. In our experience, it is a common request when the authorities in one country want to examine documentation such as certificates that were originally written in another language.  

We are happy to provide a certificate of translation to accompany any work that we deliver, so had no problem in provided one for this client’s educational document. 

Translation to meet a range of needs

If you have a document that requires translation, no matter how long nor how brief, our team of talented translators are here to help. Just call, email or live chat with us to let us know what you need. 


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