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A recent Tomedes client needed a manual translated from English to German as part of a manufacturing partnership

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English to German manual translation

July 28, 2019

Germany is a manufacturing powerhouse and many English-speaking companies use German parts when making their products. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, in this article on manufacturing in Germany, “German industrial products are viewed with great prestige on world markets.” This is the reason why many of Tomedes’ clients seek partnerships with German manufacturers. 

Professional German translation for businesses

Such partnerships tend to involve plenty of documentation and when the parties in question speak different languages, it is a good idea to use professional German translation services to ensure that there is no scope for confusion along the way. That is precisely what a recent Tomedes client did. As part of the manufacturing process, he needed a manual translated from English to German, so he turned to Tomedes for help. We were most happy to oblige! 

Manual translation services 

Over the ten years that Tomedes has been providing professional translation services, we have built up a vast global network of translators, with expertise that covers a plethora of sectors. As such, we are well positioned to meet the needs of clients with specific requests – such as this client’s request for an English to German translator with manufacturing translation experience. 

Express translation for clients in a hurry

The client was in a rush, so opted for our express translation service. As such, our Berlin-based translator got straight to work. An expert at combining speedy translation with that all-important attention to detail, he worked diligently through the client’s manual in order to convert it accurately into German within the required timescale. 

The client also opted to use our desktop publishing services in order that the layout of the German version could look more professional that the simple Word version that he had supplied in English. Again, we were happy to put our professional team at his disposal, working rapidly to ensure that we met his short deadline. 

The result was a very happy client. Not only did we deliver a beautifully translated German version of his manual, but it also looked fantastic – and all within the required timeframe. Another happy Tomedes customer! 

Translation expertise for every industry

No matter the subject of your translation, we can find the most appropriate translator to take on the task. Contact our helpful team to discuss your translation needs and we’ll find you a translator who is not only a qualified language professional but who also has relevant experience. Call, email or live chat with us today to find out more! 

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